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The I LOVE you’s are forever

they won’t fade.


As my 6 y/o daughter sleeps peacefully next me, I’m laying here restless and sad. I just got wind that the founder of For Brown Girls, 22 y/o Karyn Washington, has passed away from suicide. I didn’t know this young woman personally but her movement and mission was vibrant. I pray it continues on;…



even when I’m in a spiritual drought,
even when I’m weak,
even when I fail,
even when my heart isn’t focused,
even when I sin,
God is still at work in my life.
God still uses me.
My flaws do not keep Him from loving me.
My tainted flesh doesn’t keep Him from pursuing me.
What a beautiful Father.

This is called Agape love!

(via dynastylnoire)


To a 16 year old,
there isn’t much more
than Jordans.
And by “Jordans”,
I mean “popularity”,
I mean the pretty girls staring,
the jumpman
stitched on the shoe’s tongue
like blood on the doorpost
to let the death of
eternal embarrassment
pass me by.

I’ve been a Payless…